Qabel: The Business Model, Short and Sweet

by Peter Leppelt


The Goal

The goal of the company is to make robust end-to-end encryption the standard. That requires as wide and rapid a distribution as is at all possible, as well as significant commission income, to develop the system. The business model is designed accordingly. This is one of those fortunate situations where ethical considerations and economic necessity complement one another to a high degree: Every person's privacy deserves protection, and the participants in the modern market economy have to be able to communicate freely without concern about the interception of their technological and business secrets.

Qabel creates a decentralized, extremely easy-to-operate system, which makes encryption of user data and obfuscation of metadata the rule, not the exception. If Qabel sets the standard and is rapidly and widely distributed, it will soon earn increasing commission income.

Monetisation – Analogy to MP3

The servers as well as the client components of Qabel are under a published-source licence called "Qabel Public Licence" (QaPL).  The core content of this licence is:


The enforcement of this point is based on the copyright and the internationally registered trademarks "Qabel" and "Qable" as well as the patent on a core component of the system ("dead drop protocol"). The patent itself is transferred for free to non-profit institutions. This ensures, for example, that independent developers can use the patent in a legally compliant way without being dependent on Qabel GmbH. Only the rights of commercialisation remain with Qabel GmbH. In the more distant future, a standardization of the system will be pursued, for which Qabel will work closely with universities and technical universities.

On the whole, the monetisation concept resembles that of the MP3 format: It involves a future patented standard, for the commercial use of which fees are to be paid. At the same time, QaPL is much more modern, available and progressive than the arrangements of the time for MP3 developers.

Cryptography lives and dies according to its reach – as many people and businesses as possible have to use the system. For users, this is assured through the simple use of Qabel, with its high security standards and fair terms of use.


Income Sources

Our planning has considered the following possible business areas:

Future Use and Business Potential

Qabel is an easily integrated basic technology. That means that the system can accommodate virtually all technologies for which encryption and security play a role.

It is difficult to develop concrete numbers regarding future applications of Qabel technology, when these applications are not yet known. Here, though, fields for which Qabel is suited and where a need clearly exists warrant mention:



In our presentation of the strategic planning to this point, we have not placed the important subject of internationalisation in the forefront, in order to keep the big picture in view. Qabel is not a national model. It can be multiplied easily and will be used throughout the world. At the moment, it is still too early to show such a dynamic and fluid process in numbers.

Road Map for Qabel Services

A whole range of services on Qabel are already in the concrete planning stage. Qabel will respond in a considered way to the development of demand and the strategic options that present themselves. Currently on our screen are: