Qabel News

by Britta Görtz

In the following an update, keeping you posted about Qabel GmbH's current activities.

TEGERNSEER FACHTAGE visiting the world of banks

From January 29-30, we participated in the "Tegernsee Fachtage" (professional days), an annually held symposium for financial institutions and insurance providers. Here, Qabel got introduced and ideas exchanged in the context of the topic "Secure Banking - a paradox?". Further impressions and information may be found here:

CEBIT 2015 exhibition premiere

In the course of this year's CeBIT, Qabel will be appear as exhibitor for the very first time. Visit us in hall 6 booth 16/1 at "Heise Security Plaza" from March 16-20.

WEBINAR invitation for investors and anyone interested

Our CEO, Peter Leppelt, is going to conduct a webinar giving all participants an understanding of Qabel (backgrounds, product market & economy, society and financial matters). The webinar will be held on 12th of February starting from 4 o'clock (AM). The presentation itself will last 20 minutes followed by a round of questions scheduled to be the same length. All participants will be given the opportunity to join in via chat.

By means of von , a tool for video conferences, participants are able to follow the webinar. All you need is a computer equipped with a camera and loudspeakers no software is required. Just one click and the registered participant gets redirected straight to the webinar.

Your way to the webinar:


  1. Register here for the seminar an:
  2. Receive an e-mail containing your link to the conference.
  3. Click on the link and your browser will forward you to the conference room. Depending on the browser being used, a browser plugin or video client software gets automatically installed (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android).

Yet another hint: In the event that two participants and two devices are in the same room, sitting in on the discussion, feedback of the spoken words might occur. In order to prevent feedback, please make either use of a headset or switch rooms.

By the way, the number of participants is not subjected to any limits and the webinar's content will not be kept secretly.

The webinar will be held in German language.

No matter what, we are at your disposal for any questions, comments and critique.