Qabel News

by Britta Görtz

Almost half a year has passed since we introduced the Qabel concept. Since that time we astonishingly have never sat back and took things easy, we rather worked hard and persistently. Hereafter, the current status.

Investors wanted, negotiations with customers

Altogether, we have spent about 800.000 euros in our encryption platform; Qabel. "We" means, the overall project and its shareholders. That's a lot of money and even more is needed. For that reason, we decided to admit investors. Currently we are looking for suitable partners.

Naturally, it is in our interest to spread the message. If you find it interesting (especially the media representatives amongst you) we are at your service for interviews and the like at any time.

Moreover, several people, firms and organizations of every sort approached us as we hoped for. As a consequence, we are currently engaged in negotiations with multiple large companies interested to collaborate with Qabel embarking on pilot projects. Topics were discussed as the internal usage of Qabel offered as service to their customers as well as new services and solutions based on the Qable platform. As you see, we are making process.


Beta version, GitHub

On the software side, we are coming closer to the first beta release of the Qabel-core-component. The release is scheduled for 14th December 2014 what is quite exciting for us and other nerds. For all others, this excitement might be still limited, since the graphical interface has not been realized yet. It will follow soonish in order to enable “normal users” finally to test Qabel on their own devices. Initially, the e-mail and data sync / share (DropBox-like) functions will be usable.

However, if you are a nerd: For up to date information, discussions and documentations click


Motivation, feedback

Qabel is a highly idealistic embossed project. Our society requires Qabel. It was initiated by a small business pushed on by its shareholders and various volunteers. Even though there are moments were we wished someone else would to all this, we remain convinced that it has to be done exactly the way it happens right now: entirely open and fully self-critical. In retrospect of the launch we enjoyed popularity encouraging us to keep the project going in any case.

In each instance, we are available for any questions, critique and comments.