Encryption for the World – Made in Hanover

by Arne Möhle

Qabel and Tutanota share one goal: Every piece of data has to be encrypted. By developing software that automatically encrypts all data end-to-end, we want to achieve that encryption becomes mainstream. This will enable us to put an end to the widely illegal mass surveillance online.

We at Tutanota and Qabel know each other since many years. Together we fight for a better Internet. Following the path of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who invented the binary system here in Hanover, we will invent the Internet of the future where privacy-rights are respected and everybody has the chance to keep their personal data personal.

Arne MöhleHanover Will Become the Encryption City Number One

While Germany wants to become the “encryption site number one", we will make Hanover the encryption city number one! To achieve this we are developing end-to-end encryption that can be easily used by literally anybody.

Tutanota allows people to use secure email as if they were using normal email: People simply log in to an encrypted mailbox that is decrypted locally with the help of their login password. Sending end-to-end encrypted emails with Tutanota is as easy as sending normal emails.

The newly launched Qabel takes a more general approach: It provides a platform that any existing service or app can link to so that the exchanged data is automatically encrypted end-to-end.

Encrypt It All!

Now we at Tutanota and Qabel are combining our forces to make encryption massively used. Together we want to stop the ongoing mass surveillance and take back what belongs to us: Our data.


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Guest author Arne Möhle from Tutanota develops easy-to-use encryption to restore our right to privacy online.