Qabel Tech Updates

by Britta Görtz


Dear Qabel users,

quite a lot has changed since we launched the first beta version. We are continuously working on improving our Qabel clients. Now we have reached the point where we need to change the basic data format of Qabel.
Everything for the migration and maintenance of your individual configurations is prepared.

The modifications affect both Android and Windows.

All other (coming) updates for Qabel need today's update! If you skip this update, we can neither guarantee that you can maintain your individual configurations, nor promise to protect you from data loss.

Please use the upcoming two weeks to update your Android client at least to version 0.6.0 and the Qabel desktop client to 0.6.5. The latest version is now available. Windows desktop clients will not update automatically.

The Qabel client for Windows (desktop) and Android (mobile) is available here.

You also can update the Android app as usual via Google Play if you haven’t already done so (or allowed automatic updates).

To check your current version, please have a look in the “About” section within the Android app. The desktop app isn’t displaying the current version yet, but an update is needed here in any case.

Keep having fun using Qabel!

Best wishes
your Qabel team