4. January 2017

Changelog Qabel - Android

- Fix crash on Android 7 when recieving or sending a file share.

- Guard against unusable address book entries to prevent crashes.

28. November 2016

Changelog Qabel - Android

- Guard against unusable address book entries to prevent crashes

2. November 2016

Changelog Qabel - Android

- Added emoji support to chat

- Mark all messages as read in conversations list

- Chat with contact avatar and colored messages

- Multiline chats improved


12. October 2016

Changelog Qabel - Android

- Added Android 7 compatibility

- Notifications and chat enhanced

- Fixed display bug in settings

- If a file is shared with multiple users this is shown


15. July 2016

Why a full Forward Secrecy does not make sense for (something like) Qabel?

This article is about to discuss why we decided against full Forward Secrecy when designing the Drop Protocol.

22. June 2016

Qabel Tech Updates

Quite a lot has changed since we launched the first beta version. We are continuously working on improving our Qabel clients. Now we have reached the point where we need to change the basic data format of Qabel.
Everything for the migration and maintenance of your individual
configurations is prepared.

12. May 2016

The “good“ and “bad“ attention for WhatsApp’s encryption

Since April 5th 2016 WhatsApp encrypts all messages sent by its one billion users completely end-to-end. Up to this point it worked only for communication between Android devices. Due to WhatsApp’s reach encryption became the branches standard, unfortunately though, the users exaltation is not shared by the US government…

24. March 2016

CeBIT-Videos: Panel discussion and Qabel talk from 2016/03/16

For those of you who couldn't attend our Qabel release at the CeBIT and missed the lifestream as well, now you are able to watch the videos of both events: 

23. March 2016

Qabel's pilot partner describes persepctive on the project

SYNAXON Group has more than 2,550 independent partners and is the largest IT buying group in Europe with external sales of around 3 billion euros (information: company website).

After an initial interest in our crowdfunding campaign, SYNAXON and Qabel have established a partnership.

14. March 2016

Encryption for the World – Made in Hanover

Qabel and Tutanota share one goal: Every piece of data has to be encrypted. By developing software that automatically encrypts all data end-to-end, we want to achieve that encryption becomes mainstream. This will enable us to put an end to the widely illegal mass surveillance online.

6. February 2016

From freedom to equality to total surveillance

”We do it for your security,” say the states and secret services. Reassuring works to justify the rather homoeopathic results of mass surveillance measures. If they really prevented
terrorism and crime, then the PR departments for the respective agencies would surely know to start with that and would surely make high-profile use of the good news.

6. February 2016

Are those the future bestseller?

On Febuary 6th 2016 the popular Prototype Party took place in Hanover again. Many promising concepts and interesting prototypes have been presented to the audience. Of cource Qabel was right in the middle of it presenting its concept.

10. September 2015

Qabel Documentation and Specification

We took an important step further: The technical documentation as well as the specification of our platform has been published on GitHub. 

13. March 2015

Qabel: The Business Model, Short and Sweet

The goal of the company is to make robust end-to-end encryption the standard. That requires as wide and rapid a distribution as is at all possible, as well as significant commission income, to develop the system. The business model is designed accordingly

13. March 2015

From the possibility of banning effective cryptography

After the tragic attacks on Charlie Hebdo at the beginning of this year, politicians around the world (mostly conservative) renewed their calls for banning effective systems for the encryption of communication on the Internet. More precisely: They want such communication to take place in such a way that government institutions can access the unencrypted data.

6. February 2015

Qabel News

In the following an update, keeping you posted about Qabel GmbH's current activities.

2. December 2014

Qabel News

Almost half a year has passed since we introduced the Qabel concept. Since that time we astonishingly have never sat back and took things easy, we rather worked hard and persistently. Hereafter, the current status.

19. September 2014

Presentation on the topic Qabel at MRMCD2014

Qabel at the MetaRheinMainConstructionDays 2014

19. August 2014

Qabel Designs

On multiple requests, we officially make Qabel designs available for free usage. Do not show restraint to print them on t-shirts, posters, cat bed cases and so forth. Enjoy and many thanks for all your support!

3. July 2014

Additions to the c't magazine article “Cloudy Encryption” of June 30th, 2014

We were very happy about the article on our project in the current issue of c't magazine. For the authors, Dr. Christoph Wegener and Dario Carluccio, some questions remained unsanswered. We would like to take this opportunity to go into further detail.

30. June 2014

Why we do what we do and how we do it

It has almost been three weeks since the publication of the concept Qabel. A lot has happened since then and a lot has been suggested to us – so it is time for an interim report.