Please do not trust us.


An ecosystem for your application.

"In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

„1984“; George Orwell


Privacy is a requirement for freedom and democracy that needs to be protected. End-to-end encryption and metadata obfuscation make the exchange of digital data more secure and protect our privacy. Our goal is to make digital communication more secure and freely accessible for everyone.

Qabel provides a simple option to everyone for effectively encrypting every communication and piece of data. Always.

Qabel is an open cryptography platform. Designed as a vital ecosystem, Qabel offers a cross-application solution as the basis for the development and docking of products, software and services. This makes end-to-end encryption and metadata obfuscation user-friendly and suitable for widespread use. This cooperative and transparent approach will make it possible for everyone to profit from this system in the future.


"There‘s a policy solution, but also a technical solution."

Edward Snowden

Qabel Company Facts

2011 idea!

Inventor    praemandatum

Foundation 2014/01

Peter Leppelt

Goseriede 4 / Tiedthof
30159 Hannover

Specially developed license QaPL.
We will give away our patent.


25+ talented people

24 liters
coffee per week

Working hours
per month



Klingon   "qab lj"    difficult to eavesdrop
Maltese    "qabel"    "before"    Encryption of data happens before the upload

Please do not trust us.

praemandatum GmbH 21%
Peter Leppelt 7,5%
Benjamin Schütze 7,5%
Christian Zuckschwerdt 6%
hannover innovations fonds GmbH 0,5%
prioeins management consultants GmbH 7,5%
Kirsten Ackermann-Piëch 12,5%
Peter Ackermann 12,5%
Hannover Beteiligungsfonds GmbH 25%