DMCA – Digital Millenium Copyright Act

The following details refer to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the implementation of the DMCA notification procedure concerning copyright infringements.

DMCA Notice

f you are the copyright owner or an authorized person, you can report a copyright infringement in the form of a DMCA notice. The DMCA notice has to meet the following requirements:

  • exact details on the person or company affiliation of the person that is sending the notice.
  • identification of the material that allegedly infringes copyright.
  • A statement that the information provided is correct, and under penalty of perjury that you are the copyright owner or its authorized agent.
  • The notice must be signed by hand or in the case of an email containing an electronic signature.

Please send the DMCA notice to the designated service provider agent of Qabel GmbH:

Benjamin Schuetze
Qabel GmbH
Goseriede 4 / Tiedthof
30159 Hannover

After the receipt of a proper notice to the alleged copyright infringement the Qabel GmbH will examine the disputed material. In case of an actual copyright infringement Qabel GmbH is obliged to remove the concerning material or to block the access to these. Furthermore Qabel GmbH reserves its right to terminate the Qabel service in case of copyright infringements on individual basis.