End of Service Notice

Dear Qabel-Users,

it is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that we will terminate the services Qabel Free and Qabel Plus effective December 1st 2017. 

Since we are taking our encryption as well as our metadata obfuscation very seriously, we cannot and do not know who has stored which data in their accounts and of course can not access it.
Therefor we would kindly ask you to backup all the data you have currently stored in your Qabel Free accounts by the end of November. With the shut down of the Servers on December 1st all data stored on those servers will be deleted as well and will be lost for good without a backup. 

Should you be asking yourself now “What is Qabel and why am I getting this mail?”, it is most likely because you have registered to this service some time in the past. If you do not remember your log in credentials and have no data worth backing up stored in your account than no further action is required. As mentioned, all data stored on the servers is well encrypted will be deleted when shutting them down.

However, if you do not remember your log in credentials but want to backup your data, the situation is a bit more complicated. To access your account, you need your private key (i.e. your Qabel identity) as well as the e-mail address with which you have registered the account.
If you have lost your identity, we unfortunately cannot help you restoring it, because we cannot access it either, since we are taking encryption seriously. If we could access your identities (i.e. private keys) the whole concept of encryption would be obsolete.
However, if you are looking for your identities, those are stored as .qid files. Search your computer for .qid files, maybe you have saved it somewhere. 
When you have your identity and your registered e-mail address, you can access your account which in turn will give you access to your data you have created with this account.

If you should have further questions we are glad to help.

We would like to thank you for the trust that you have put into Qabel and the support you have shown and are sorry for any inconvenience that might arise from this service termination.

With kind regards,

your Qabel-Team


Important information for old versions:

On June 21st 2016 we have informed you via e-mail, that we are updating our Desktop-Client to version 0.6.5 and that there is a risk of loosing your data if you continue to use the older version 0.5.0.
If you are still using the old version 0.5.0 the update to version 0.10.0 might again bring the risk of loosing your data. To prevent this, you should install and execute version 0.6.5 prior to installing the new update.
If you are not sure which version you are currently using, we recomment to install version 0.6.5 prior to the new update and execute it at least once.

You can download version 0.6.5 here.

This only concerns users, who are currently using the Desktop-Client. If you are a new Qabel user, you can start with the current version 0.10.0 right away.


End user manuals Qabel (Open Beta) as PDF files

We are working on providing appropriate end user documentation in English. Please be patient for a little while!