Qabel's Fair Use Policy

Qabel offers its users the possibility („Qabel service“) to store data on cloud storage capacities („storage“) provided, to access it using different gadgets („devices“) and to share this data with other Qabel users („sharing“).

The individual storage capacities (“quotas”) vary here according to the tariff chosen by the respective user, whether it be the free-of-charge tariff “Qabel Free” or other fee-based tariffs.

By storing data on these storage capacities and downloading private data on own “devices” and/or “sharing” with other Qabel users (“traffic”) costs arise for Qabel.

What does this Fair Use Policy mean?

Our “Qabel service” is a so-called “shared service” which a wide range of users can access concurrently. Qabel cannot allow the potential actions of a few users to negatively influence the overall system availability and/or performance. Such activities are inter alia storing illegal data on our storage provided. If we get to know about such activities we retain the right to close the respective Qabel account immediately and to delete this data from our systems.

Furthermore other individual user activities could affect the overall network performance significantly. To describe these activities within a policy is difficult, though it is usually a combination of single aspects as for instance file types used and their size, respective “quotas”, users' geographical locations, the number of other Qabel users which files are shared with, etc. Therefore, we retain the right to intervene if necessary in order to uphold general availability of “Qabel service” for all of our users.

When do we invoke Qabel's Fair Use Policy?

  1. Qabel retains the right to limit or disable “Qabel service” for a user who stores dangerous and/or illegal files on “storage” provided. An example is storing illegal media data like music or video files. We are bound by legal regulations which explicitly prohibit such utilization.
  2. Qabel retains the right to limit or disable “Qabel service” for a user who generates by his activities traffic which exceeds normal usage distinctively, so that limitations of availability of “Qabel service” for the majority of all Qabel users will occur. One example would be misuse of individual “storage” as a “software sharing spot” for other Qabel users.
  3. Qabel monitors usage of our storage infrastructure by individual users continuously. User which exceed their individual “quota” might be contacted by Qabel directly.

What happens when Qabel invokes the Fair Use Policy?

Qabel objective is to satisfy all users of our service. This potentially also applies for those who violate this Fair Use Policy, as we acknowledge that this violation might not be necessarily intentional. Therefore, when we invoke this Fair Use Policy's actions, we will get in touch with the impacted users directly to find a mutual solution for this situation.


Qabel GmbH, Hannover, September 2016