Cryptography is our tool of choice for peacefully defending our privacy and democracy. Not only we at Qabel believe, that strong cryptography is giving our world a bit more freedom and hence making it better. 

Here we would like to introduce our befriended companies. Cooperations and networks are essential for achieving the common goal of fully encrypting digital communication end-to-end. The focus lies on an active knowledge transfer, the exchange of experience and mutual support.

If you share our common goal and want to work on accieving it, than contact us and become part of the network. We are explicitly not a club, there are no contracts or costs. The spirit got to be right.






Tutanota is the first web-based encryption system that automatically encryptes end-to-end.

We are pioneers in easy to use e-mail encryption for Android, iOS and Microsoft Outlook.  Now we are developing the fully encrypted communication platform of the future. Our open source project Tutanota is aimed at making the internet open, safe and accessible for everybody.

In this quest Qabel is the perfect partner with whom we want to develop cryptographical innovations for the internet of tomorrow.