Published sources for verifiable security.


Smart clients instead of smart servers.


Avoidance and obfuscation of metadata.


Integrated security instead of isolated insular solutions.


Published-source platform for end-to-end encryption.


Security on the Internet and for digital communication does not currently exist. The German Federal Data Protection Act regulates responsibilities and requires data protection measures. In the absence of practicable methods and tools, though, complying with all of these measures can be difficult. The need for real digital privacy is growing, and more and more people understand that democracy requires free and above all unmonitored communication.

Qabel is a turnkey ecosystem with inherent, genuine data protection. Encrypted communication and data exchange on the Internet become more secure while still remaining easy to use.


Qabel provides a high degree of security at several levels

Security at the technical level:

  • ✓ More data protection and data security.
  • ✓ Every piece of data is encrypted end-to-end.
  • Cryptography is carried out completely on the client side and left under the user's control.
  • Metadata is largely obfuscated.
  • ✓ The code is published-source and thus accessible and verifiable.

Security at the license level:

  • ✓ Promotes development and distribution.
  • ✓ Has its own license QaPL (Qabel Public License).
  • ✓ Legally compliant open-source development is possible.
  • ✓ Allows free use and hosting by non-commercial organisations.
  • ✓ Functions across hosts and instances.
  • ✓ Published-source, extensible platform.

Security at the monetization level:

  • ✓ Ensures the development and the livelihood of the people who work at Qabel.
  • ✓ Innovative and open business model.
  • ✓ Free non-commercial use of the software.
  • ✓ License fees for commercial use.

The Qabel platform is as secure as current technology allows without at the same time reducing a high degree of usability. Qabel's goal is to raise security for digital communication to an altogether much higher level.

You do not have to trust us, either. The technology and functionality underlying Qabel are verifiable facts. Furthermore, our source code can be viewed here. No other provider can currently offer you such a combination.


Data protection and data security

The terms "data security" and "data protection" are often used synonymously, although they refer to different issues. Simply put, data protection concerns your right to determine and to know what happens to your data. Data security, by contrast, describes how well your data is physically protected on a storage medium against loss, manipulation and damage.

Data Protection:

  • Protection against misuse of data.
  • Protection of your right to informational self-determination.
  • Protection of your personality rights and privacy.
  • Safeguarding of your data authority.

Data Security:

  • Protection against unauthorized access of your data.
  • Protection against manipulation of your data.
  • Ensuring the availability of your data.
  • Controllability of security measures.

Qabel is a tool for many aspects of data protection and data security. The platform is available to all users of digital communication and allows use without any special knowledge or significant financial resources.