Cross-application instead of application-specific.


Advantages for technology partners in the Qabel ecosystem.


An ecosystem for your application.

Qabel simply encrypt everything. Always.

The platform idea underlying Qabel allows for a multitude of usage scenarios for various user groups.

On the user side there are private users who are regaining their privacy; businesses that are protecting themselves against industrial espionage; non-profit organizations and civil rights activists who keep their communication secret; and developers and providers of Qabel services, who add to their portfolio with their own Qabel services.

Qabel Now:

For everyone who wants to get started now. The first service, Qabel Box, is available. Qabel Box is the central storage location for your business and personal data. You have all of your photos, videos, documents and other files handy anywhere, any time.

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Qabel Enterprise:

Qabel cooperation and technology partners can concentrate fully on their core business, while end customer data and their own company data is protected against unauthorised access.

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Qabel Provider:

Together with you, we develop concrete and practice-oriented provider solutions for on-premise use of the Qabel platform, on the basis of which you can then offer services for your target groups.

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Open Source developers:

We are happy to hear from anyone who wants to help us develop Qabel, build expansions for Qabel or write APIs for the existing services. The full Qabel code is published on GitHub.

Qabel on GitHub


Become a part of the Qabel ecosystem

  • The features of the Qabel platform make many applications conceivable – from the Internet of Things through to the Industry 4.0 theme.
  • The Qabel Public License (QaPL), developed specially for the Qabel platform, established a fee for commercial use and rules out fees for non-commercial use. This means that only those who will use Qabel to earn money have to pay for it.
  • First and foremost, Qabel wants to earn money not with their own Qabel connections but with commercial services which are based on or even just use the system.
  • Licence holders, such as internet service providers for example, can offer their customers Qabel services such as hosting and back-ups, for example, for a fee. Private hosts and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which don't earn any money with Qabel don't have to pay any licence fees to Qabel GmbH.
  • Use by military or intelligence service organisations is prohibited qua licence.
  • Non-commercial use is free of charge; private individuals or organisations may offer free of charge Qabel connections for free.
  • Qabel's decentralised approach also ensures that Qabel cannot simply be switched off. Qabel can be hosted on any number of servers and users of all instances can thus communicate with one another.


Qabel ecosystem